Digital prescription

In case of digital prescription your doctor sends a prescription to the Digital Prescription Centre. To buy your medicine you have to show your identity card to a pharmacist. Only in this case a pharmacist can see the medicine prescribed to you. After the doctor has issued a prescription it becomes public. It means that everyone who knows your personal identification code can buy your drug. Patient must show his/her identity card, and his/her personal identification code will be saved in the Prescription Centre.

If you want to restrict the group of people who are allowed to buy your medicine (authorized use) or if you want to purchase the drug personally (private use), please, let your doctor know about that and the doctor will be able to issue your prescription accordingly. Patient can determine the people who can buy his/her drug in the electronic Patient Portal (additional information on


If you come to buy the medicine prescribed to you, please, keep in mind that:

  • In order to buy your drug you should show a pharmacist your identity card with the personal identification code on it (it enables a pharmacist to check the digital prescriptions issued and whether they are still valid).
  • A physician can prescribe a medicine which you can buy just once (treatment for up to 60 days) and three times (treatment for up to 180 days). If you have already bought your drug or the prescription is no longer valid you should contact your doctor for a new prescription.

If you come to buy the medicine prescribed to somebody else, please, keep in mind that:

  • In order to buy a drug for someone else you need the identification code of the person you are buying medicines for and your own identity card.
  • In case you know that there are more than one prescription, make sure which drugs a person wants you to buy and for how long.  
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